Ludhiana: Infant rescued from kidnappers

Ludhiana: Infant rescued from kidnappers

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  • August 20, 2022
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The Ludhiana Commissionerate traced a three-month-old infant to Bathinda and arrested nine persons within 24 hours after his kidnapping.

Those arrested have been identified as Inderpal, alias Sonu, of Shimlapuri; Ram Singh, alias Mastu, of Basant Nagar; Sonu Kumar of Shimlapuri; Ravinder of Sukhdev Nagar; Sanjay Mishra of Barota Road; Varinder Chaudhary, alias Thekedar, of Dugri; Parveen Kaur, alias Rani, of Shimlapuri; Ramandeep Kaur and her husband Surinder Singh of Pratap Nagar, Bathinda.

Joint Commissioner of Police (City) Narinder Bhargav, JCP RS Brar, DCP (Crime) Varinder Singh Brar and other officials addressed a press conference on Friday and said the child was handed over to the couple residing in Dugri.

Joint CP Bhargav said the infant was abducted around 12 pm on Thursday and after that the perpetrators locked the infant’s mother in one room. Considering the seriousness of the matter, Ludhiana Police Commissioner Dr Kaustubh Sharma constituted a special team. DGP Gaurav Yadav, too, directed the police to recover the child safely.

“We formed seven teams. Initially, the police arrested three persons — Inderpal, Ram and Ravinder — from Shimlapuri. Their interrogation unravelled the plot and other perpetrators were also apprehended within the next few hours. The child was recovered from Bathinda around 4 am on Friday,” Bhargav said.

Revealing the modus operandi, JCP Bhargav said Varinder Chaudhary, alias Thekedar, who is a junk dealer, used to visit the infant’s family for sale, purchase of junk items, where he got to know that the couple has a three-month-old infant. Ravi, another accused who was in touch with the Thekedar, enticed him to kidnap the child for money. The Thekedar later roped in other accused, who resided in his area. The group of five persons abducted the child after locking his mother in a room.

JCP Bhargav said later, Thekedar and one Sonu took the child to Bathinda and handed him over to a couple — Surinder Singh and his wife Ramandeep Kaur — who were to give it to Rajan Sharma, who in turn was supposed to sell the child to one Sirsa-based ‘party’ for Rs 4.5 lakh. However, with due police intervention, the child was recovered from the couple.

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