Free breast cancer screening facility unveiled at Samana

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  • January 4, 2023
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To detect breast cancer at an earlier stage, Health and Family Welfare Minister Chetan Singh Jouramajra launched Punjab Breast Cancer AI-Digital project at Sub Division Hospital Samana.

Speaking at the event, Jouramajra said the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Roche Products India and Niramai Health Analytix had recently inked an MOU for accelerating cancer screening and treatment for breast cancer in the state.

He said the partnership is aimed at ensuring timely identification, treatment initiation and robust referral pathways across various government health institutes through technology-enabled digital live patient tracking support.

He said Punjab was the first state in the country to launch this unique project. He said the implementation of this project would be of great benefit to needy women as they would be able to get free digital checkups in government health institutions across the state.

The minister said this would immensely help down-staging the disease as early detection would lead to lower costs of the treatment as compared to the patients that were diagnosed in later stages.

The Minister appealed to the people of the state to avail maximum benefits of these free screenings. He further said two more dialysis machines have been installed at Civil Hospital Samana and the machines will start working soon. An ultrasound facility for patients will also be started here soon. He said the problem of staff crunch in various hospitals will be solved soon.

Director of Health Services (Family Welfare) Dr Ranjit Singh Ghotra said under the Chief Minister Cancer Relief Fund Scheme, each cancer patient is being treated free of charge up to 1.5 lakh rupees in government and recognised hospitals.

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