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Bus Drivers strike on hike in salaries

A large number of bus drivers were demonstrated in Western Melbourne due to the announcement of the strike on the invitation of the Transport Workers Union on Friday to increase the salaries. A large number of bus drivers took part in the four hourly timetable, in addition to the representatives of different unions in this strike. Describing the company’s decision to nominate a minor margin in salaries as a mere joke, the union representative said that the increase in the pay of drivers to meet rising costs and other expenses is important. The public had to face disrespect to the movement of buses.
It may be recalled that on Tuesday due to vague demands, there was a strike in different regions of Melbourne, but despite no conclusion, the strike was planned to be rescheduled on Friday. If there is no consensus on the issue for the next few days, the hassle of passengers traveling daily can be increased further.

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